Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do we need to re login every day?

Yes, you need to login every day, every time you start the application MO API maintains session token for 24 hours OR until logout is call whichever is earlier.

Q2. There would be unique token for each login?

Yes,there will be a unique session token.

Q3. What are tokens?

Token is generated only after a valid user login and its valid only for defined period of time, after which token will be invalid/expired. For any API other than login, you need to provide authentication tokenin request header to receive response.

Q4. Do I need to login to MO Investor / Orion Lite iflogged in to API?

Both login sessions are maintained separately. So, if you logged in to API you can login to Orion lite if you want, butitis not mandatory

Q5. Will my MOInvestor and APIlogin credentials differ?

You can use the same login credentials.

Q6. What order functions does the API support?

1. Place Order
2. ModifyOrder
3. CancelOrder
4. Order Book
5. OrderHistory
6. Index LTP Data
7. Trade Book
8. Net Positions

Q7. what are Product types doing the API support?

1. Normal
2. Delivery
3. Value plus (Intraday)

Q8. Whatis MO Trading API?

Trading APIs allows to integrate your own trading system with MO Trading Platform for placing orders and other account information.

Q9. Howmany transactions API allowed per second?

We allowed 40 transactions per second (Order Place, Modify and cancel) &Rest 2 apis call per second

Q10. I am facing an invalid session or unrecognized token/system or session not found.

This is because you are not sending a valid token you have received in the login response in all subsequent message headers. You can calllogout or force disconnectthe application and re-login to fetch valid tokenand monitor its usage by adding sufficient logs.

Q11. What does NRML & value plus producttype?

NRML - Normal, it means you can carry forward positions.
Value plus - stands for Margin Intraday Square Off, user needs to square off compulsorily before end of trading session.

Q12. I am getting User data not found?

Youare either providing invalid USER ID or API Key

Q13. I am getting invalid Credentials!!?

You are either providing invalid USER ID or password.

Q14. What kind ofplatform available for Open API ?

There are 2 platforms Vendor based & Self based. If clients are using self-based application than we request them to provide us with same day UAT order log once application is tested in UAT & if clients are using vendor based application than, they are requested to provide uswith the vendor name for further processing

Q15. How to generate the API key?

You need to login on API portal to create the API.

Q16. Does vendor needs to send the mail for activating Vendor API?

Yes, need to send the email on for Vendor API activation only as per the below format. Live Enable JSON API Client ID – ANC001. AppName = TestApp.Vendorname - Xyz. APIKEY = abcdefgho.

Q17. Do client to need the send email for Client API activation

NO, it will activate automatically after the creation of API.

Q18. What are the endpoints of LIVE & UATAPI platform?

Live login endpoint{apikey}
UAT login endpoint{apikey}

Q19. What Languages doesAPI supports?

1.C#/.Net library

Q20. Where can I get LTPdata for live & UATwhich is traded viaAPI?


Q21. Is UATlogmandatory for activating client id?

Yes, UAT order logs are mandatory for activating for Vendor &Dealer API. Retail clients needs to drop down the mail to Trading api team for activation in case if they are using self-based application

Q22. Where can I get TOTPsecret key?

It is available on the dashboard of portal.

Q23. Where can I get Margin details?


Q24. Can I get Scrip / Instrument through API?

Yes, you can getthe details in below format.

Q25. What is the meaning ofthe error codeswhile executing the strategy?

Allthe details of error code are mentioned inAPIdocumentation (Error Codes and Description) section.

Q26. What are the Possible Order Status that can be received after executing theorder?

Unknown / Sent / Confirm / Cancel / Partial / Traded / Rejected / Error

Q27.What is the websocket URL for Live & UAT?

Live wss://
UAT wss://

Q28.How to get Webhook inAPI?


Q29 .Where can I get INDEX data?

You can get the index data in below mentioned links

Q30.Can I use multipleAPI keys for trading?


Q31. How manyAPI keys can I create for open API?

You can create multiple API keys in openAPI

Q32. Howdoes a vendor register itselfwith Motilal Oswal platform?

We require details of the Vendor along with the undertaking consent form duly signed also we need below details such as:
Contact Name
Phone Number
Email id
Re-Direct URL
Call Back URL

Q33. IsConsent compulsory to be agreed upon before use OpenAPI?

Yes, consentismandatory before proceeding for generating of API key.

Q34. What is theUnique Identifier number / TOTP

Unique identification number / TOTP is available on the MotilalOswal dashboard.

Q35. What parameters needs to be entered in 2FA?

2FA - PAN (in Capital) OR Birth date in 'dd/mm/yyyy' format.

Q36. What isVendor Tag Info?

Vendor Tag Info in case of Vendor will be the short name of the vendor (ABC) which needs to be added in vendor field while building up the strategy. Vendor Tag Info in case of client will be the client code (abc123) which needs to be added in vendor field while building up the strategy.

Q37. What if DNS issue persist?

Change the globalDNS IP & flush the DNS from command prompt. Command will be ipconfig /flushdns.

Q38. Does EntryDateTime in Order BookResponse remains the same for a given order if it's modified multiple times?

As per your documentation, it seems it should remain the same. However, in the UAT environment, every time I modify an order both LastModified and EntryDateTime get changed.

Q39. In Header Parameter what needs to be verified?

There is a sample mentioned in API documentation where all the detail parameters are mentioned that need to be entered in Header Parameter.

Q40. What the difference between call back and redirect url?

Call Back: The callback response is a server-to-server POST response that is sent (to a pre-defined HTTPS URL) with the full detailed transaction (trade) information once the trade process came to an end (whether the customer cancels, paid, or failed to trade). It doesn't depend on the customer's actions, the response will be sent anyway
Redirect URL: The redirect () static method of the Response interface returns a Response resulting in a redirect to the specified URL. A redirect URI, or reply URL, is the location where the authorization server sends the user once the app has been successfully authorized and granted an authorization code or access token

Q41. How to implement web Socket into my algo platform?

There is a sample mentioned in API documentation where all the detail parameters are mentioned for implementing the web socket

Q42.Insufficient margin in UAT?

Many times get insufficient margin on Testing environment UAT, so need to assign margin on UAT environment

Q43.Does Motilal Oswal provide Fund API endpoint as part of your API services?

NO, Motilal Oswal does not provide Fund API.

Q44.What is the Time to Live (TTL) or expiration period ofthe Auth Token?

It is valid for 1 day. (24 Hours)

Q45. Can connection to a platform that uses DTC protocol can be established using your API?

API basically works with HTTPS protocol.

Q46. Can We place BulkOrders with Dealer Code? Is there any API for the same.

There is no separate API for the bulk orders.

Q47. What is the procedure to become a partner (Third-party vendor) for Algo trading?

One who wants to be the partner or integrate itself as a vendor with Motilal Oswal needs to sign the Undertaking form & provide a few details in the format shared by the Trading API team.

Q48. What all exchanges segment are supported in OpenAPI?


Q49. What product type should be used for intraday orders?

VALUE PLUS can be used in product-type for intra-day.

Q50. What does the Error "Not a valid account number" mean?

PAN is not linked with Aadhar card.

Q51. As per new policy pushed on, how can retail user activate their client id for live trading?

Once retail users agree to the consent form & generate the API key. It will automatically get activated.

Q52. Upto what depth is the order book visible if built on a custom platform using API?

The order book will show all the data on the basis of the orders that will be placed

Q53. What are Order Types in API support?

Limit , Market, Stop loss

Q54. Getting the error of“Invalid User id or Password”?

Kindly enter the User id in CAPITAL LETTERS & date should be in DD/MM/YYYY format else if PAN details are being entered then they should be entered in CAPITAL LETTERS. Note: Kindly enter PAN NOor DOB in the 2FA Field.